Are you about that Charcuterie life?

charJoin us on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 at Veterans Memorial Park in Little Falls, NY as we attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Charcuterie Board!

  • Our application was accepted by the Guinness Book of World Records!
  • The current record is 150 feet, our attempt will be 315 feet!
  • Members of the 315 Foodies Facebook Group (150 sections available) can create a 1’x1’ section of the board (150 sections). There’s no fee to participate, supplies must be purchased from event-approved vendors to be in compliance with health department guidelines.
  • Sponsors/Restaurants can create a 3’x3’ section of the board (50 sections). $250 sponsor fee, includes 2 - 3’x2’ banners to hang from the table for your section and exposure through event promotions. Restaurants must provide a copy of their health department certificate. Non-food-related sponsors filling a section must purchase supplies from event-approved vendors to be in compliance with health department guidelines.
  • Board food will be served to attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis. VIP and Early Access attendees will be admitted 1 hour before general admission. Leftovers will be handled by a 315 food bank.
  • There will be live music, food & beverages, entertainment, bounce houses/games, a car giveaway, and more.

This is an interest form, once we have more information on Partner & Sponsorship opportunities we'll publish official applications. 

For "Participant Type", choose Member if you want to fill a section of the board with food. Choose Sponsor if you want to be a financial sponsor of the event. Choose Volunteer if you want to help the 315 Foodie team on the day of the event.
Fill out the "Description of your section" only if you are a Member or Partner/Restaurant and plan to fill a section of the board with food. Be creative, think about what our group is about, and don't worry if you don't have everything figured out right now. Acceptable foods are traditional charcuterie (cured meats, cheese, fruit, spreads, tasty bits, olives, nuts, and crackers/bread) 
Fill out the "Describe how you would like to help" box only if you are a Sponsor or Volunteer and are not filling a section of the board with food. Whether it's helping with setup or takedown or being a financial partner, we sure appreciate any help we can get. Let us know what you have in mind here. 

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