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124528318102212542033228434600288854673251047oMany Central New Yorkers were raised with immigrant parents or grandparents, people who grounded us with stories of life and living in “The Old Country.” They came with very little, but despite the lack of money, there was never a shortage of love and good humor and of course, INCREDIBLE food. Today that legacy flourishes, at home AND through missionaries- former 315ers living “abroad” who share the good word to unrepentant food sinners.

This group is comprised of all these people… the culinary creators and lovers who share a tie to the 315 area code which covers the Mohawk Valley, Utica, Syracuse, and a large chunk of the Adirondack Mountains.

It was created by two friends, both 315 ex-patriots, who spent many years exiled in foreign lands where the pizza stinks and it’s impossible to find a proper hot salad or tomato pie. We’ve been everywhere, working all kinds of jobs both in and out of the food business, and learned first-hand that no matter where you go, there’s no food like 315 food.

Our ambition here is simple - to shine a spotlight on all the great cooks, both at home and in the restaurants, from OUR “old country.” We seek to honor them and to secure the 315 its rightful place on America’s map as a quintessential food destination… one “OOFAAA” at a time.

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