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Unlock discounts on dining out in The 315!

The VIP plan has all of the benefits of The Foodie but is valid for LIFE and comes with extra perks, like VIP admission to our events, exclusive deals, and more cool stuff we haven't even thought of yet!

We're partnering with businesses all over The 315 to bring you great deals on one of America's favorite pastimes... FOOD! If you plan on eating out a couple of times in the next year, this is a no-brainer: the membership pays for itself. Get BOGO lunches & dinners, 25% off, $50 off catering, and more. There are even completely free, no purchase necessary deals! And we're adding deals all the time, too, so the savings will keep adding up over the course of your membership. 

All memberships include special pricing on other 315 Foodies products & events, like food competitions, apparel, kitchen swag, & more.

BONUS: VIP admission to the Guinness World Record Charcuterie event in Little Falls. A $100 value!

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* The Foodie and The Donor plans are valid for 1 year. Please allow up to 24 hours after ordering for your account to be activated. 

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